Complete and Overall Security

We provide a large team of security guards of the highest standard to meet all clients' needs.

Electronic Technology and ICT Security System Integration

NOW-ON offers specialists in High Definition surveillance systems, access control system & intrusion alarm systems. We offer expert advice on improving already existing security system security solutions that suits the clients' needs & budget.

Security Training &Consulting Services

NOW-ON capabilities dominate security training and expert consulting services on how to maximize security and effectively minimize crime. We offer security tips and follow-through training to an organization's already present security officers.

24/7 Security Support

We operate 24/7 and are always available to dispatch your security requirements on short notice. Nigeria's most trusted security company security guards 24/7 for your next event.


NowOn Security Services has a proven track record in providing reliable, affordable, and competent security services that will not send your security guard hire costs through the roof.


Our Approach To Security

Our company strictly follows our core values , these values are the foundation of our operations and the corporate culture is built on these values that help to shape a long-term, financially successful enterprise by creating value for customers, employees and shareholders.

  • Quality

    Our standard of service is top notch as we offer only the best options in the market. Good quality is the foundation of business.
    From raw material collection, production and testing, to coating, packaging and shipment, we maintain a complete and in-depth quality management, no superficial, no bait-and-switch practice.

  • Efficiency

    All delivaries are made on the scheduled dates, all preparations are made on the proposed time, and we pay keen attention to details. This is one of our most outstanding trait. Effienciently giving you the best client experience and trust in your security from Now on.

  • Integrity

    Honesty, responsibility, dependability, loyalty and trust. It simply is not just our core value but the very fabric of every core value. We abide by these high moral standard in our everday activities.

  • Discipline

    Our security guards are trained to act professionally at all time. No compromise no shortcuts. They are the embodiment of our core values. With this as our gumption to stick with difficult tasks all obstacles and discomfort are overcomed as we push to new height.

High-Performance Solutions

The company’s interest centers on rendering to our clients highly customized private security consultancy services that will proffer solutions to a wide range of security issues and challenges.

Secured Managed IT

NowOn offers the best service in secured IT management. The field of IT management is a vital component in the success of an organization as information technology serves as the backbone of virtually every aspect of business operations.

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Compliance Testing

In recent years, Nigeria has faced numerous security challenges, ranging from terrorism and insurgency to cybercrime and kidnapping. To combat these threats effectively, NowOn Security Service Limited (NSSL) plays a vital role in safeguarding lives, property, and information.

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A security guard is paid to protect. Whether it's people, places, property or assets - a security officer's duty is an extremely important one, which is why the protection services industry is one of the most popular among job seekers today.

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Innovative Protection of Your Office and Home Control

  • Access-control
  • Goals

Implementing security monitoring tools and systems to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time. This involves monitoring system logs, network traffic, and user activities to identify potential threats
Regular security audits should also be conducted to assess the effectiveness of security controls and identify areas for improvement.

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